Our Services

Placement Services

White Star Global Education provides the best recruitment services. Based in Bangalore, we offer the best recruitment solutions to our clients. We provide a common platform for jobseekers and recruiters by providing them with our reliable services, which suit their requirements. Understanding the latest trends in different industries... read more

University Selection

When a student comes to us with a dream of studying abroad, our team of personalized counselors ensure they understand fully well the goals and aspirations of the student and accordingly suggest a college and course. There are hundreds of universities across the globe, however we screen them and only suggest the university that is best for their career.

Admission Guidance

Each student is important to us and we give all our students equal time and attention. We ensure that the process of admission is as hassle free for the student as possible. We ensure that his application highlights his qualities and strengths that will increase his chances to get admit in a foreign university. Also, we ensure a thorough and error-free application for the student.

Visa Guidance

Visa guidance not just includes filling visa applications, but also includes preparing students for mock interviews with country high commissions, preparing financial documents and guidance with bank loans etc. We are always in touch with the consulates of countries and ensure maximum success in getting visas.

Finance Assistance

We at White Star Global Education understand that most students have issues arranging funds for their education. This is the case especially if the student has to apply for a bank loan/education loan. We give the student complete guidance on how to arrange funds in a quick and easy way.

Travel Assistance

One of the more important decisions that has to be taken by a student is when should he depart for his studies. We help the students with the ideal depature process, from choosing which airline he should choose to which would give him the most excess baggage allowance. We are also tied up with several travel agencies and discounts to our students.

Career Counselling

Students these days are flooded with a plethora of career options to choose from. Studying abroad is a huge decision both in terms of the money and emotions involved. It therefore is imperative for students to ensure they think thoroughly before they take a decision. Our trained and experienced team of counselors helps students to identify their goals and ensure that the student chooses a course that perfectly matches their goals.