Study in China

Why study in china ?

China offers plenty of exciting options for people who wish to study at all levels of higher education, from Bachelor's to PhD. Most programs and courses are not taught in English, which may be a problem for those who are not fluent in Chinese. However, the good news is that there are an increasing number of courses and even whole programmes taught in English. It all depends on the university, those who wish to study in China without learning the official language will be able to find great options taught in English language.

Why you should aim for china ?

Chinese universities offer a variety of specializations in medicine. As the country has opened doors to foreigners you are likely to meet many foreign students during your stay. Features about universities and the course can be discussed as follows:

  • Some Chinese universities are well known for the education that they offer and are highly ranked.
  • For international students courses are offered in English.
  • With an array of tests and assignments, the skills and knowledge of the students is assessed. It makes their learning authentic and valuable.
  • The academic year, in the universities, begin during August and September.
  • As admissions are based on the first come, first serve basis the students need to apply early.
  • Cost of education in Chinese universities

Studying in China is affordable and thus easy on the pocket. We can discuss features of the cost as follows:

  • The universities do not accept capitation fee or donations.
  • Cost of the course is subsidized by Ministry of Public Health, Government of China
  • In comparison to the Indian universities, cost of studying in Chinese universities is lower.
  • As fee structure of the universities vary, it is important to ascertain the fees before admission.