Study in Ireland

Promising Country:

Ireland is a part of the EU- European Union and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. It is also declared one of the friendliest countries by a recent survey by Lonely Planet travel.

Quality Education:

Ireland has over 2,00,000 international students who vouch for the standards of education followed by colleges/universities in Ireland.

Temperate Weather Conditions:

Ireland is known to have better climate than UK as temperature rarely drops below freezing and it rarely ever snows. It is also a safe and friendly environment for one to live, work and study.

Flexible and Conducive:

Ireland is known to be flexible in terms of course options and career choices. It has a 1 year Master's degree. Ireland also provides an MBA degree for freshers. Hence, no prior work experience is required. International Students also have the flexibility to work part-time (approximately 20 hrs/week)