Southeast University

Southeast University places equal emphasis on research. It is one of the top 10 universities in scientific research and development in China with over 20 national or provincial research institutes and a number of key research bases.

Southeast University, with the principle of pursuing perfection, encourages the spirit of "rigor, truthfulness, unity and diligence". Southeast University(SEU) is one of the national key universities administered directly under the Ministry of Education of China. As a centennial prestigious university, it is located near the city center of Nanjing, to the west of the Purple Mountain and the south of Xuanwu Lake. South East University’s Medical College originated from Nanjing Railway Medical College, whose history can be determined back to the Central University’s Medical College which was founded way back in 1935, was incorporated into South East University in the year of 2000. South East University China adores its eminence at home and abroad for its high-quality education and long history.

South East University is ideally located by the beautiful Xuanwu Lake in the province of Nanjing, a cultural and historic city of China. The campus exhibits fascinating sceneries throughout the year. South East University has been an influential base for the country’s medical education. South East University has till now produced over 20,000 medical graduates, including many noted medical professionals abroad and home. South East University’s laboratory and teaching buildings are built up on 1,93,000 sq. m. of area while the total area of the campus is built on 2,63,000 sq.m. with well equipped gym and a sophisticated library. South East University’s library consists of around 4,00,000 medical books and international journals. South East University China is affiliated to 19 hospitals and over, 40 laboratory hospitals across China.

South East University China is a globally renowned extensive university with over 28,000 students, with around 2,700 medical students from over 102 different countries.

South East University is comprised of School of Basic Medical Science, Clinical Medicine and Public Health. South East University offers 6 Ph.D. degrees, 29 Master’s degrees and 7 Bachelor’s programs.

Currently there are over eighty professors and one hundred and fifty associate professors in South East University. Most of these faculty members has either studied or done their research in internationally acclaimed medical schools of the world. Apart from this, South East University hosts around 87 part time professors and 226 associate professors in the affiliated hospitals.


With 193,000 sq. m. of modern teaching and laboratory buildings, gymnasiums and libraries, College of Medicine, SEU covers the total area of 263,000 sq. m. The libraries collect 400,000 copies of books and 1500 kinds of foreign periodicals. The Clinical Experimental Center, which is under construction, will facilitate the medical students with modern clinical techniques, by means of the simulative electronic patient system. There are 19 hospitals attached to College of Medicine, SEU, more than 40 laboratory hospitals spreading across the country.

SEU is a comprehensive university with over 26000 full-time students, among whom 2700 are medical students consisting of 800 graduates and 1900 undergraduates. For years SEU has offered medical education programs for international medical students.

Why Southeast University ?

  • Medical education in China is ranked 4th as per the survey of WHO.
  • There are 150 Medical Universities offering MBBS in china.
  • For the Year 2012 there are 49 MCI approved medical colleges in china offering MBBS in China in English Medium.
  • MBBS in China is similar to India with four and half of Medical education in China followed by one year of residency.
  • Residency can be done either in hospitals in India or China to complete MBBS in China.
  • Any student who does MBBS outside India has to appear for MCI Screening Test to practice Medicine in India.
  • Faculty for MBBS in China is mix from India, USA, China and other advanced countries.
  • Curriculum for MBBS in China is similar to that of India and they use almost same books.
  • Some of the Medical colleges in China Offer MCI Screening Training during MBBS study in China.
  • Indian food is available in these campuses and is inexpensive.
  • China is our next country and some time on offer, you can get return flight tickets under Rs.20,000/-